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Re: [Fink-users] Broken deps for svn and db Alexander Hansen Mon Jun 22 01:02:27 2009

Alessio Sarti wrote:
> Dear all,
> while trying to update  svn-dev and svn-shlibs I see that db41 or 
> db44-aes are required..
> While during make svn shows deps on db-4.0:
> So, at the end of the game I get:
> configure: WARNING: APR-UTIL may or may not be using the specified
>                      Berkeley DB at `/sw/include/db4:/sw/lib'.  Using 
> the Berkeley DB
>                      supplied by APR-UTIL.
> checking for availability of Berkeley DB... no
> configure: error: Berkeley DB 4.0.14 wasn't found.
> ### execution of /var/tmp/tmp.1.upgGhM failed, exit code 1
> ....probably this needs to be fixed? Otherwise I cannot compile svn....
> Cheers,
> alessio
You didn't say what OS version you're running, but I'm assuming you're
using the stable tree.

In checking


and looking for "checking for availability of Berkeley DB", on my system
it shows:

Berkeley DB at `/sw/include/db4:/sw/lib'.  Using the Berkeley DB
                     supplied by APR-UTIL.
configure:21710: checking for availability of Berkeley DB
configure:21782: gcc -o conftest -g -O2  -g -O2   -I/sw/include/apr-0
-no-cpp-precomp -L/sw/lib/system-openssl/lib -L/sw/lib    -L/sw/lib
conftest.c  -L/sw/lib -ldb-4.4  >&5

with libraries from the unstable tree.

If, however you're using unstable, then the svn server and client don't
use "svn-dev" and "svn-shlibs" anymore, but want "svn15-dev" and

Alexander Hansen
Fink User Liaison

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