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Re: FlexiGrid + ComUnionERP = Extensive code samples Ed Valentine Fri Jun 12 09:01:00 2009

Thanks for telling us about the project. The demo looks really good
and I will be looking at the code. The performance is good and the UI
seems nice and clean.

I am using your Flexigrid with Turbogears. I am still looking for a
good list of all of the options built into Flexigrid, do you have some
good suggestions of where to look?

Thanks for sharing your effort.

On Jun 11, 8:25 am, Paulo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ComUnion ERP is an open source project that makes extensive use of
> Flexigrid, most likely you will find an application of FlexiGrid that
> may fit your needs, and you will be able to see the code :-).
> I've made some contributions to this project so check it out.
> Paulo
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