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Re: [Flightgear-users] fgfs-construct help reqd... Chris Wilkinson Tue Jun 02 02:00:25 2009

Hi there,

Well, I managed to build something that could be seen in fg. Unfortunately its 
bereft of textures...


Apologies to those who cannot view that image - I've had reports of people not 
being able to look at the previous image I put on that webserver...

To those who can see it note the space *between* taxi/runways is blank, and not 
grassed. Is there something that genapts has done to my layout to cause this 

Once again I'm so close! I'm halfway across the last hurdle, just need to jump 
a bit higher... :-)

Kind regards,

Chris Wilkinson, YBBN/BNE.

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Subject: [Flightgear-users] fgfs-construct help reqd...
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