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Re: [Flightgear-users] fgfs-construct help reqd... Geoff McLane Thu Jun 04 08:02:51 2009

Hi Chris,

A big congrats on getting it all together ;=))
I know well the steps and EFFORT required...
while all the TG tools do, do-their-job, they
take some time to use - as you said "4 years 
in the making..."

So, how can we use, view this new scenery?

Do you have somewhere you can upload say
a zip of the custom scenery, the BTG/STG
files, you have done so far - perhaps a 
'dropbox' site?

Or maybe at least your taxidraw modified
ybbn.dat, and terminal buildings, so we 
could do our own construction tests...

I could not help putting up a temporary
contrasts page ;=))
but would love to be able to fly the new
airport, as I am sure would others...

And look forward to more as you progress
on your 'work' list ;=))



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