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Re: GPT fails to be recognized by BIOS boot, Intel Atom 330 D945GCLF2, 7.2-RELEASE Dan Naumov Fri Jun 12 14:00:46 2009

Try the following:
BIOS Setting BIOS_POWER_After Power Falure = <Always Off>

- Dan Naumov

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 9:11 PM, Jeff Kletsky<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Jeff Kletsky wrote:
>> After getting what I thought to be a good configuration built up and
>> installed on, it failed to boot. I confirmed that I could build a
>> MBR-based system on the same drive on the same platform
>> (Intel Atom 330 on Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard, 2 GB RAM,
>> BIOS LF94510J.86A.0140.2008.1231.0012, later updated to
>> BIOS LF94510J.86A.0182.2008.1231.0012)
>> [...]
>> I've tried several different approaches, using both gpt and gpart,
>> none of which seem to be able to boot the system. Bizzarely enough, if
>> I do try to boot the GPT disk, with a functional, bootable MBR-based
>> system
>> either on the PATA or on a USB stick, that drive is also no longer
>> bootable.
> The problem appears to be with the MB and BIOS (consistent on three
> different boards). For some set of reasonable BIOS settings, the machine
> will enter a state where it will not recognize anything I've tried but a
> CD/DVD as bootable (even though they boot other systems).
> I've since confirmed that I can create bootable gjournal on gmirror on GPT
> via gpart for AMD64.
> Intel not supplying help until I use 'approved" memory (I'm using a Corsair
> 2G stick that they've only tested the 1G and below versions).
> contains pointers to several
> Intel forums issues, as well as the OCZ forums where this has been deeply
> explored.
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