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Re: snd_hda: ALC888/1200 and mixer empty Alexander Motin Tue Jun 16 15:00:17 2009

martinko wrote:
Indeed, default is HDMI which I changed to Toslink. But only analog (pcm1 and pcm2) have mixers. This is problem with applications that complain they cannot find mixer. What can I do about it ?

And more general -- I know FreeBSD have virtual channels and thus it can mix various sources and even convert sample rates. But can it control volume of channels, both virtual and real/hw ? I sort of understand that now digital output provides no volume control and I can easily manage that with my amplifier. But in Windows I _can_ control volume even when I use digital output.

Vchans is able to control volume in software when there lack of hardware support, but it breaks AC3 stream pass-though. So choosing between them I have blocked software volume control in driver manually for digital connectors. To get it back you may in hdac.c change line
        if (pdevinfo->play >= 0 && !pdevinfo->digital) {
        if (pdevinfo->play >= 0) {
May be last changes in 8-CURRENT will allow them coexist, but not for 7.2.

Alexander Motin
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