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Re: Information on starting a BSD User Group Darrin Chandler Fri Jul 11 14:05:20 2008

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 11:07:44PM -0400, Glen Barber wrote:
> I am working with a few others to coordinate a BSD User Group near the
> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, hopefully including northeast Maryland,
> Delaware, and New Jersey.  Although I won't be relocating to the area for
> approximately a month or so, I was hoping to get information, or a push in
> the right direction, to what some BUGs have done to attract attention, gain
> members, etc.
> I have already searched for some LUGs in the area mentioned above, and
> unfortunately have only found one, which was rather discouraging.  Any
> information would be greatly appreciated.

Good for you!

You've found a LUG. See if you can find local groups for SAGE or LOPSA,
find the local Universities, community colleges, and tech schools, too.
Distribute announcements to mailing lists for the LUG and any tech
groups in the schools, etc. Just think of anywhere there might be
interest in BSD and get the word out.

For our group, I've found attendance ties closely with the presentation.
If there's a good presentation then people come. Write up a good
description and get it out on mailing lists and on your web site as soon
as you can.

Some of the people doing BSD User Groups have gotten together at so feel free to join us. We hang out online on
freenode in #metabug. Feel free to drop in and ask questions.

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