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Re: Getting the compiler version Andrew Haley Thu Jun 25 06:00:52 2009

John Farmer wrote:

> When a new GCC version is released (such as V4.4.0.) does it follow that the
> C compiler, Java compiler etc. are also at this version?


> If not what is the
> command line option to display just the version of the C compiler? For my
> release the compiler is cc1.exe (and I don't have a gcc.exe).

You have an incorrectly installed gcc, then.

> The reason I ask is that the version of the assembler or linker can easily
> be determined as follows.
> as --version 
> ld --version 
> and is V2.19.1 in both cases. I then wondered if the C compiler (and all
> other compilers supported) has a version of V2.19.1 or V4.4.0 or something
> else.

gcc --version should do it.  If you only have cc1 then something is very
wrong with your installation.