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gcc-4.5-20090625 is now available gccadmin Thu Jun 25 16:00:57 2009

Snapshot gcc-4.5-20090625 is now available on
and on various mirrors, see http://gcc.gnu.org/mirrors.html for details.

This snapshot has been generated from the GCC 4.5 SVN branch
with the following options: svn://gcc.gnu.org/svn/gcc/trunk revision 148954

You'll find:

gcc-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2              Complete GCC (includes all of below)

gcc-core-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2         C front end and core compiler

gcc-ada-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2          Ada front end and runtime

gcc-fortran-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2      Fortran front end and runtime

gcc-g++-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2          C++ front end and runtime

gcc-java-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2         Java front end and runtime

gcc-objc-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2         Objective-C front end and runtime

gcc-testsuite-4.5-20090625.tar.bz2    The GCC testsuite

Diffs from 4.5-20090618 are available in the diffs/ subdirectory.

When a particular snapshot is ready for public consumption the LATEST-4.5
link is updated and a message is sent to the gcc list.  Please do not use
a snapshot before it has been announced that way.