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[habari-dev] Re: Habari Extras plugins svn Caius Durling Thu Jun 25 05:00:19 2009

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On 25 Jun 2009, at 03:20, Michael Bishop wrote:

> I understand the reasoning for doing branches on the recent major
> changes to plugins (from the info method to using XML), however, it's
> being discussed that we will stop using trunk for the plugins
> development, and use branches from here on out.
> I'm a giant, -1 on this.  Once .7 is released, if not sooner, we
> should go back to using the traditional, trunk/branches/tags system.
> It makes absolutely zero sense to continue primary development in
> branches at that point.  We will not be supporting .6 after .7 is
> released, so why should we not use trunk?  We will have the .6
> branches for those who for what ever reason aren't ready to upgrade,
> but otherwise, we should go back to the former system.

I'm a -1 on this as well.

We're a pretty forward-thinking bunch of people, and for the most part  
we either run the latest stable or HEAD. At the very least we run the  
latest 0.x release (0.6 currently) to get the latest features in  
plugins. So my question is: why would features from a 0.7 version of a  
plugin be backported to a 0.6 version of that plugin? If you want the  
features, upgrade your habari install and go frolic in the meadows  
with the ponies.

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