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Re: [Help-gsl] Hasard library (random number generators) Victor Stinner Mon May 18 17:00:50 2009

Hi Brian,

Brian Gough a écrit :
I would like to know if GSL developers would be interested by this library. I see that GSL RNG are not seeded. Is it a choice? Hasard always initialize a RNG using a random seed.
Thanks for your email, I have taken a look at the library--it is
nicely done.  Regarding seeding in GSL, each generator is always
initialised with the same default seed for reproducibility.
Hasard can be used to generate a random seed, but it looks like you don't need that for GSL. Reseed an engine (set a new random seed) can be added as a new function, so the API is not changed.

Another idea would be to use Hasard as a GSL engine. So you can use Hasard engines in GSL: Mersenne Twister, ISAAC, Arcfour, glib, openssl, gcrypt, GMP, KISS, /dev/urandom, etc.


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