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[Hibernate] Many-to-one relationship where parent class is same as child javed mandary Wed Jun 06 00:05:09 2007

Hibernate version: 3.1.3

Name and version of the database you are using: Oracle 10

Hi I have a question regarding how many-to-one relationship should be
defined where the parent class is same type as the child class.

Person table
- name
- surname
- national_id - (PKey)
- passport_id - (PKey)
- address
- parent_national_id - (Parent -PK)
- parent_passport_id - (Parent -PK)


Take the case of the table above where a person is defined within a person
table and has a composite key national_id and passport_id.

Now I want to get the Parent for that person which has composite key
parent_national_id and parent_passport_id defined within the Person table.

How would the hibernate mapping configuration would look like.

When I do a getParent on a Person object i would want to get its parent of
type Person.
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