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Re: [ACC] RE: Version 6? DCFluX Fri Feb 22 06:03:01 2008

Any chance Link will release the source code, notes, etc? I recently
couldn't find any reference to the ACC products on their website
anymore so I would think it would be considered non profit to do so.

On 12/19/07, Boone, Christopher W
> Matt,
> The V6 version for the 85/96 and the rumored RC-960 (successor to the
> RC-850) never made it out to general release. I believe Link did find
> the software but never made it available. It MAY have been released for
> beta testing by certain users but nothing was ever made public and noone
> has ever come forward with a copy of it (though it would be legal to
> distribute it for free if I recall the license agreement).
> Ed Ingber, WA6AXX, the man behind ACC, decided he wanted to move on to
> other projects that demanded more of his time and Steve and Allan at
> Link were just getting started and buying ACC was something too good to
> pass up (mainly they did it for the voice vocabulary of the TI speech
> chip as the two products are totally different in design and coding; the
> ACCs used the older but reliable 8085 processor line while the Links
> have gone with newer CPUs). It was a big shock to those of us who were
> long time ACC owners since the early 1980s. Ed's original design was
> showcased in "73" magazine (or was it "Ham Radio" magazine?? I believe
> it was 73 Mag as Wayne Green was big into CPUs and repeaters at that
> time) as "The Talking Repeater Controller", a 2 or 3 part article in the
> early 1980s. I need to go by the club library and pull those copies,
> scan them in and upload them to the list file area. I have talked with
> Ed recently and may try to coax him onto the list sometime but Im sure
> he is busy with plenty on his plate right now :)
> I liken the ACCs to the ROLM CBX in the telephony industry. The ROLMs
> were designed by graduates of Rice University in Houston in the mid 70s,
> who 1st started with flight computers for the military and placed their
> company in Santa Clara, CA, same place ACC started! They then shifted to
> telephone switching using the same basic design and within 3-5 years,
> became the #2 PBX manufacturer behind Nortel, even outpacing ATT at the
> time. ROLMs are known to be bulletproof and reliable telephone
> switches..some running for over 30 years now..but ROLM sold to IBM (one
> of their biggest cutomers along with Santa Fe railroad, NASA, other
> government agencies, public utilities, etc.) in the mid 1980s, then
> Siemens in 1990 who destroyed the product in favor of their own European
> design and thus ROLM is slowly fading as other systems replacing them.
> Those of us in the telecom industry see the last ROLM probably being
> decommisioned with the 4 digit NPAs (areacodes) come into
> being..somewhere around 2010 or later. I, in fact, am placing late model
> ROLMs back into service in 2008 (replacing some dumb key systems with
> intelligent ROLM CBXs for Least Cost Routing purposes).
> I see ACC in a similar way; bulletproof, reliable, the standard of
> repeater controllers but with support gone and no more product
> development, they will slowly fade into history. Who knows when the last
> ACC will go offline? Maybe decades from now! THAT is a testiment to it's
> quality.
> Chris
> RC 850 SN 363 since 1984
> The opinions expressed are those of my own and noone else's
> (darn lawyers! ;)
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> From: Matt [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 4:02 PM
> Subject: Version 6?
> I found a copy of ACC Notes today that described V6 software for the
> RC-85 and RC-96 repeater controllers due to be released late 1994 as
> well as a Windows based editor. Does anyone know what happend to the
> project and if v6 ever was completed and made it out into the wild?
> I understand this was right around the time ACC went under so I was
> also wondering what the story was behind the closing and some more
> background on the guys that designed the ACC controllers.
> Know an ACC owners not on this list? Please let them know about it!<BR>
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