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[ACC] How to access Logic Outputs 7 and 8 on the RC-850? Brian Thu Aug 07 08:02:30 2008

In some places in the manual it says there are 6 Logic Outputs and 
other places, it says there are 8.

HW Manual 10-32: "Six open collector outputs are available directly 
at the DIGITAL I/O connector for remote control."

OP Manual 10-56: "Eight User Function logic outputs are provided. One 
of these are dedicated to the remote base serial data output, but 
most outputs may be reassigned using the logical I/O structure."

The "remote base serial data output" is pin 11.  This accounts for 
one the missing logic outputs but what about the other?

The front panel LEDs show 8 and the Terminal Connection Front Panel 
Display shows 8.

I listed what the manual shows as the pin out for the I/O at the end 
of this email and it does list where (if even really available) LO 7 
and 8 can be found.  I checked the footnotes in the manaul as well 
because some of these pins are multi-function.  Maybe this is listed 
in some addendum that I don't have?

Thanks for any help.
Brian - K1SOX

Connector Pin # Function
Digital I/O 5 power amplifier (control op selectable)
Digital I/O 20 UF1 or UF DATA†
Digital I/O 8 UF2 or UF CLK†
Digital I/O 21 UF3 or UF XFER†
Digital I/O 9 UF4 or External Device Strobe††
Digital I/O 22 UF5 or Link 3 Transmitter PTT†††
Controls, Indicators, Connectors & Switches - Appendix I
Hardware Reference - 51
Digital I/O 10 UF6 or Link 4 Transmitter PTT†††
Digital I/O 11 RB DATA
Digital I/O 23 ††††
Digital I/O 7 Repeater Transmitter PTT
Digital I/O 19 Link 1 Transmitter PTT
Digital I/O 6 Link 2 Transmitter PTT
Digital I/O 18 RB STROBE
† Determined by UF latched/expanded mode, Prog. Ref. Manual p.10-1
†† If any messages are programmed including External Device 1 (Prog.
Ref. p. 4-7), then this output provides a 1 second low true pulse to
strobe the external device. If used for this purpose, UF4 should be
programmed high in all Macro Sets, and should not be manually 
††† Determined by Remote Base / Link Channel Assignment, Prog. Ref.
†††† This output serves one of several functions: