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Re: [ACC] RE: controllers Bill Boatright Fri Feb 17 22:00:22 2012

GREETINGS kind sir.
im an old repeater builder in northeast louisiana
have a few repeaters. 900mhz  440x2   2mtrx2  1-6mtr  and built a 10 mtr a 
couple a years
ago but haven't put it on yet  and a few spare parts.
my mintor passed away a few years ago and i ask his wife if i could use his call
she said she would b honored i do. my old call when i started was kb5tlb
but retired it for henery's   boy do i miss him.
i c  you have a couple of extra din's for a 96.
boy i could use 1 r 2 bout now  could you tell me how much  ifen you were gona 
them??    please and thank you.
just got in to the ACC controllers about a year ago.
started with a 85 that were broken and MR paul  fixed it  then i got an 850  
paul fixed
it now ive gone nuts and bought 2 -96's and got out bid on the DVR for t6he 96.
oh well maby ill find one.  just bought one from  junkgirl 2 on ebay.
she's leting me pay up on the first of march. VA disability holds me back
so i have to fly low.
THANKS for leting me in the group. im not a rocket sientist and can't spell 2 
  THANKS again kind sir  and good evening from  wb5sot bill    73'S  

From: Chris Boone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 10:10 PM
Subject: [ACC] RE: controllers

Hi Bill!! Welcome to the group..

Great bunch of folks here. You have come to the right spot! :)
Have a RC850 (SN363) which was 2nd or 3rd in Texas, RC96, two SM100
Shackmasters and TWO ITC 32s (one homebrew :) along with a DVR for the ACC
controllers...May be selling the 96 and DVR soon....somewhat excess to my

Programming the ACCs are a snap.....UL, program whatever you need, then LOCK
it...I MAY have some spare DINs for the 96...

ACC List Owner
Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX area

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> From: Bill [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 11:25 AM
> Subject: controllers
> HI guys
> am a new kid on the block with 4 acc controllers.
> now i have to learn the terms and prograning.
> tryed to buy an850 of ebay the other day but got out bid.
> wanted it for parts cause the program window patch was removed
> on a couple of chips so the winner of that board will have parts r he
will have
> to reprogram.
> well GREETINGS guys. imm gona need to find some din's to get my rc96
> going to make the repeater go.
> THANKS for the group ang im learning. old dog has to learn new
> tricks hi hi good day from wb5sot bill north east la.
> we also have 900mhz repeater.
> 73's

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