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Re: [American_Idol_By_Request] has anyone heard anything about Ace Young? kim cliborne Wed Jul 18 00:03:39 2007

he has a single out on itunes u can check that out i think......that's all i 
can tell you

AL <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:          Only suggestion I have is try to do a 
search for him and try to find a fan site that might have info on him. Hope you 
find something. I just typed in his name and an official fan site came up. Good 

coolkats06 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I know this is a bit out of date and 
maybe nobody cares, but I am just 
wondering if anyone has heard if he is going to be making a cd or not? 
I had been in contact with a member from this site and have lost 
contact as I have had some differences in my computer and have lost the 
program that I was communicating to her with, so if anyone knows please 
let me know. Thanks.

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