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Re: [American_Idol_By_Request] Re: Season 7 Raven Scott Fri Dec 14 06:06:43 2007

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From: "Rachel Miller" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> This is true. I was just refering to the contestants themselves.
> I only watched seaons 4-6, but I think season 6 was the best...
> I loved season 4 too though...

I've seen all of them now (thanks to Rewind, I got to see what I missed of
Season 1).  I think Season 6 has to be my least favorite, but then that's
because the people I *really* liked didn't make it to the Top 4. :)  If it
hadn't been for Blake and this list, I'd have probably stopped watching
after Phil went home.

AI thrives on controversy, but I'd like to see a whole lot less of it and
more real talent.  Fat chance though. :)

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