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Re: [American_Idol_By_Request] AGT Sasafrass452 Thu Sep 16 10:00:59 2010

  One night only? I thought it was a 1 yr contract?

**Sasafrass452, aiBR Co-Moderator**

On 09/16/2010 11:59 AM, Allen E wrote:
>       I have never missed an AGT show since the 1st one with Regis as host, 
> but this Tuesday was the 1st time I ever voted.  Jackie Evancho  deserved to 
> win more than anyone!  The $1,000,000 would have been so great for her family 
> and her education.  That beautiful little girl, with the voice of a 45 year- 
> old fat woman, was the greatest singer in the 5 year history of the show!  
> Her voice, even for a 10 year- old, does rival that of Sarah Brightman and 
> even Nick's wife Mariah Carey.  From the very first show she was on, she was 
> my choice for the winner, as well as Michael Grimm was my choice for the 
> Finals.  Sure she's really too young, and not really the type of act for a 
> Vegas show, but remember the prize guarantee is only for a one-night show... 
> after that it's up to the hotel and promoters.  With the exposure the AGT 
> gives them, most of the top 10 acts will have great careers in Vegas and in 
> the music business.  Michael Grimm already had at least 4 CDs out, and with 
> his new one coming soon, the sales of all of them should sky-rocket whether 
> he won, or not.  John Quale (Prince Poppycock) already had a CD out, and an 
> established career in various shows, including Broadway, so his fortunes will 
> only increase , win or lose.  Fighting Gravity's act was made for Las Vegas, 
> I just hope that they finish their education at Va Tech.  I'm also surprized 
> that the top 4 magic acts didn't go further than they did, but they will also 
> all have great careers ahead.
>       Well, time to get off my soap box.  I just hope that next year people 
> vote not just for who they like the best, but take in to account who needs it 
> the most, who it will help the most and who has the greatest talent.

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