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Re: [American_Idol_By_Request] My Favorite Contestants So Far and Why Candy G. Mon Feb 21 23:00:22 2011

LOL, I'm a product of the late 60's early 70's. I've been a fan ever since I 
can remember. Glad to see his insides are as gorgeous as his outside! LOL

Candy G.
American Idol By Request

--- On Mon, 2/21/11, Sherrie Hozeska <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I really didn't know anything about Steven Tyler before now, since I'm not into 
rock music........and I was shocked the other day to find out that he's 62 
years old (almost as old as me - ha!). I was wondering if he is married, or has 
a family? I have to say that I haven't heard him sing, only that seemingly 
screechy yell he does ever so often *L*. I think you're right about his 
persona........something I really like about him, but can't quite put my finger 
on what it is.......and it can't be his drop-dead "good looks" - HA!



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