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[American_Idol_By_Request] Re: AIBR2 MonnicaS Thu Feb 02 02:08:37 2012

I'm so excited that you're starting a new Idol group Candy. Thank you
so much! I've already joined.

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Candy" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Many of you are aware of the fact that the owner of this group left at the 
> end of season 9, and hasn't contacted anyone since. A few of us have tried to 
> contact him, but have been unable to find him. 
> I have started a new group called: American_Idol_By_Request_2. The link to 
> that group is: http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/AmericanIdolByRequest2/ 
> I will be uploading the music for that group, just like I did for this group. 
> I will no longer be uploading music to this group. If anyone wants it, you 
> will be able to find it there in the file section, when the live performances 
> start. 
> I will be posting this for the next couple of weeks, but after that, I will 
> be leaving this group so that I will no longer be getting any notices....that 
> will leave this group without an owner or a moderator. 
> Anyone wishing to join us at AIBR2 is welcome to! 
> Candy G.
> Moderator
> American _Idol_By_Request
> Owner
> American _Idol_By_Request_2