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Re: [BMW-Mini-Cooper] Clearing warning light? Rob Gendreau Thu Oct 15 09:02:45 2009

Many readers aren't specific to vehicles, but they sometimes can't  
report vehicle specific problems either. And an OBD reader doesn't  
necessarily have the capacity to clear a code, although some do. The  
best solution are the ones that store the vehicle's default computer  
settings so you can reinstall them should things go awry.

Your dealer might not be happy if you mess with it, so why bother? And  
it would sure be a bummer if you drove two hours and the mechanic says  
"what problem? I don't see any trouble light." They could probably  
tell if a code was cleared, but again, why bother?
On Oct 10, 2009, at 10:53 AM, lecontejoe wrote:

> I have an OBDII reader that I use on my Ford products -- can I use  
> it on Cooper?

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