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[BMW-Mini-Cooper] Re: A few odds and ends that need replacing, where to find them? ofriel Thu Jul 22 13:00:15 2010

Hi Barbi.  Contact Chad at Detroit Tuned (www.detroittuned.com).  He's got it 
all or can get it, for anyone to anywhere!

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "norsgoebel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Both my bonnet and boot wing logos have lost almost all the black coloring 
> and I would like to replace them as well as the cap(my word for it...) on my 
> driver's side window trim.  This cap covers the sharp end where the trim was 
> cut, I have sliced myself a couple of times closing the door and want 
> something more durable than the electrical tape I am now using!  I also had 
> one of the small oval covers come off the emergency brake area and would like 
> to replace it as well.
> If I do get new wings, are those something I would be able to take off the 
> old ones and put on the new myself ?
> Thanks so much for any input.
> Barbi