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RE: [BMW-Mini-Cooper] Maintenance cost Brian Davis Mon Apr 09 08:00:40 2012

No dirt roads for this MINI.  It's been babied all its life.   Always taken to 
the MINI dealer and always had recommended service.


It does live it's life in Illinois which can have its share of salty roads and 
potholes in the Winter though.


Heck . . . I didn't even mention the short life of the original run flats!


I purchased a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty through the dealer when the 
original warranty ran out . . . . it's MORE than paid for itself.


That warranty runs out this December, so you can BET that it will be getting a 
thorough checkup before the time runs out.


Brian Davis


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My guess is he wont be getting a super/turbo charger and I dont know what you 
did to your Mini to need all that work. Live of a dirt road? I'm not saying the 
Mini is bulletproof, but yours seems the exception rather than the rule.

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I LOVE my 2004 MCS . . . .but it's not been an economical car to own in
terms of repair costs! If that's what you want . . . get a Toyota.

At about 45,000 miles I was replacing strut mounts, bushings, ball joints,
control arms . . . on the front and rear. Not cheap if you do it at a MINI
dealer. Brakes, a cooling fan (electrical) and other maintenance items
will add a bunch to the bill too. That's $1000's of dollars worth work,
especially when you add in the normal recommended maintenance (flushing
lines, injector service, filter replacements). In comparison . . . .our
Toyota Avalon has been almost nothing.

Supercharger folks tell me that the Roots unit WILL fail and that it's
mainly a matter of time rather than miles. I don't know what the Turbo
unit's life is like.

My suggestion is to get an aftermarket warranty . . . .and keep your
fingers crossed!

Brian Davis

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Hi I'm new to the group but was wondering what kind of repairs to expect if
I bougth a mini with 20 to 30 k and drove it another 150k I bought a pt
cruise in 01 have 170k on it now and have spent about $3500 in repairs over
the last 11 years. I take good care of my cars so was trying to get a idea
of what to expect. I was in Germany a couple months ago and least one for a
few days and really liked it. It will be our only car for my wife and I we
are in our 60s. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Terry


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