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[CSI-GrissomSara] Ask Ausiello Spoilers Ms. Grits Thu Aug 31 22:56:46 2006

 A spoiler is still a spoiler....
Question: I just realized that Brass isn't in the CSI pic on CBS.com.
Oh,say it isn't so! We can't lose Brass! --Noelle

Ausiello: As several Eagle eyed readers also noticed,Warrick's wedding
ring is MIA and Sara is hiding something in her jacket pocket. And, I'm
pretty sure there's a secret code etched into the stool between
Catherine and the victim.


Question:Some CSI forums are saying you're completely full of it,
because you said that you were 99 % sure there would be no Grissom-sara
stuff in the finale. But here are spoilers floating around that sat
there will be. What's really going on? Your rep is on the line

Ausiello: I've read the spoilers too,and all I can say is that thank God
I didn't say I was 100% certain. Here's the deal: My trusty CSI
mole--who has never steered me wrong before--told me two weeks ago there
would be no Sara-Grissom action in the 5/18 finale. But last week while
I was interviewing fellow sexiest vegetarian nominee, Jorja Fox,she
hinted that something may in fact be happening. "I can't give anything
away,but we have a cliff-hanger at the end of  this season , that I
think you guys will have a field day with," she teased.  "All I can say
is it's going to be good. It's going to come out completely out of left
field. I think everyone's going to end Season 6 with their jaws
dropped." Fox went on to say that there will "be two cliff-hangers in
the finale" one of which involves ***** and the other...Sara-Grissom? "I
don't kiss and tell", Fox said.  Short-story-short: Either my CSI mole
lied to me or producers saw my Square Off rant and decided to tack on
some Sara-Grissom stuff at the last minute in my honor. I guess we'll
find out on May 18.