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[CSI-GrissomSara] Re: Living Legend 7x9 Discussion Ria Fri Nov 24 18:02:21 2006

> I made it home *just* in time for this episode, and I have to say I 
really enjoyed it. I always like it when a case seems so transparent, 
open-and-shut at first, only to twist and turn and become much more 
complicated. It keeps me interested. 16 year old Catherine didn't 
look at all like what I was expecting, but I'll let it go. 

I thought it was neat seeing a  young Catherine, and seeing her 
reaction to him was priceless. 
>   Of course, no Sara/Grissom at all, but I really don't mind. If I 
had my way with the episodes, those of us on this list would probably 
be the only ones left watching <g>. The teaser for December 7th 
episode was great too...I can't wait!

>   Also, Doc Robbins taking out the reporter was *priceless*! So was 
the look on the cop's face when he arrived :-O!

HAAHAAA I love the Doc 
>   Hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
>   Best, 
>   Mel
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