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[CSI-GrissomSara] I like to watch & Unusual Suspect.......... Michele Arnold Mon Jan 29 00:13:17 2007

I am done with those two and i had seen those both before, but with US only 
bits and parts not the whole thing, that one was wild, pretty tricky there with 
the 12 year old.......the first one i remember i saw because i saw something 
else that the black girl was in before that and then saw her in that and also i 
remember on America's Most Wanted & news bits about the real guy that dressed 
like a fireman on Halloween or something and raped some gal, good thing he got 
caught:) Thinking "Wow finally i've seen a CSI(then)where i did read a story 
like that" lol.....cause some of them so far i don't remember reading about, 
that should be a good poll, how many have seen CSI's and thought to themselves 
"Ya know i think i read a similiar story in the paper or heard on the news 
something like this??"......sides the DOM stuff that LH was into which we all 
know exists! 
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