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Re: [CSI-GrissomSara] Louise Lomand HUH Sheeny1010 Mon Sep 14 14:01:50 2009

>From everything I've read, she's not going to be in NCIS: LA either. She did 
>not fare well in market testing for that show.

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Subject: Re: [CSI-GrissomSara] Louise Lomand HUH
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She did work on NCIS: Los Angeles.  She'll either return to that, which I 
haven't seen her in previews for since no one really liked her on it.  But I 
doubt she's going back to CSI
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Question: A Canadian paper reported recently that Louise Lombard is
set to return to “CSI” this season. Is this correct? —Anne

Ausiello: It most certainly is not. A “CSI” insider says it “hasn’t
been discussed.”

I think that Malibu Barbie did it.
Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle)

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