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[Canon-10D] Do not open any files from me today. gary . chris Thu Feb 09 10:01:44 2012

Today Comcast sent out emails while this computer was off and I was in bed at 
4:47 am. 

I don't know what the URL in the email does - if anything. 

I think Comcast was hacked as ONLY the very limited email addresses in the 
on-line address book were effected. My Thunderbird email program was closed and 
I haven't used it for months. So I am not sure just how email were sent out. 

I did upgrade my FireFox to version 8 and updated my ZoneAlarm and Avria 
anti-virus. I ran a quick scan it it found nothing - will do a more in-depth 

Anyway I am watching carefully today. 

This email is only being sent out to those I have on my on-line address book. 


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