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Re: [Canon-10D] London Music Club - Blues Night Darrin J. Calcutt Sat Feb 11 11:00:32 2012

This is not how you make a custom WB.  You shoot a white card (8 x 11 
paper is OK) in the existing lighting.  Try to fill the frame with the 
card.  Then you use that shot to make a custom WB following the prompts 
on the camera.  Set the WB on the camera to custom to use the custom WB 
you just set.  If the lighting changes significantly, you will need to 
make a new custom WB.

Crap, I knew that and forgot agout the gray card... opps.

Another option is to shoot a gray card (or a white-gray-black) card 
periodically throughout the evening.  Use those shots to correct the WB 
later in processing.  You didn't mention, but are you shooting in RAW 
and converting in something like LightRoom or ACR?  Here's a couple of 
the gray cards I use:

Jusy JPG for now. I'm trying to get the best in shoot before editing. I'm not a 
fan of editing picture right now, if I dont have too.

Other than using flash, there really isn't much you can do when 
shooting, when faced with those hideous stage lights.  The worst 
environment is when the lighting guy changes the lighting from red to 
blue to yellow to green, etc.  It's almost impossible to correct for 
that later.  The nice thing with flash is that it usually overpowers the 
stage lighting and makes for a nice look, as you found.

Well in my sace the club uses one colour. I'll try to remember my card the 
naext time.

Thank you.

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