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Re: [Canon-10D] Lens no Focus Tom Tue Apr 03 08:02:37 2012

Another possibility that can explain intermittent focus problems is dirty 
contacts between the lens and camera. I've fixed a similar problem by cleaning 
the contacts with a drop of contact cleaning solution. Put it on a cotton swab 
and then lightly clean the contacts on the back of the lens, and on the camera.

I use CE-1 contact cleaner available from NAPA auto parts stores. It is very 
expensive but the tiny container lasts forever. A less expensive option is Caig 

In any case don't pour or spray the stuff on. Just slightly dampen a cotton 
and clean the contacts with it.


On 4/3/2012 7:12 AM, Darrin J. Calcutt wrote:
> Thank you I will do that. I do have warranty... yippy.