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[Canon-350D] Re: EOS350 and the stock lense Christopher Fri Mar 09 18:01:40 2007

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "andrewstringfellow"
> Hi, I am new to the eos350 and would like some advice on a good lense 
> for landscape's. I found the 18 - 55mm stock lense that came with the 
> camra to be 
> a little poor. Any advice???
Can you be more specific as to exactly how you're finding it to be
deficient?  Is it too blurry?  Is the zoom range not wide enough?

I too find the kit lens a little disappointing, but probably for
different reasons.  I wish it would open wider (at least f/2.8!), I
wish it wasn't blurry wide open (though you can't really call 3.5
"wide open" :P ), and I wish it would focus a little closer for Macro.

My "point & shoot" cameras came with f/1.8 and f/2.0 lenses
respectively, one would think that "upgrading" to a DSLR that the kit
lens should be as good as those. :(

Depending on which areas you most would want to improve, you might get
different advice.   

Do you want a zoom lens?  Do you want wide angle?  

Have you seen this man's work with the kit lens: 

Most of his shots are done with the same camera and lens as you have
(also what I have).

I would like to do some landscape photos, but I don't have nice
landscape where live, will have to travel for that.  In the mean time,
I find the kit lens isn't bright enough.  Even at 1600 ISO I end up
with a lot of blurry shots.  I think I'll end up getting the 50mm
f/1.8 because that seems to be the only reasonably priced Canon lens,
and it lets in a lot of light.  Probably not wide enough for your
landscapes, unless you use a tripod and take a series of shots and
stitch them together.