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Fw: [Canon-350D] For shooting softball. Canon 75-300 USM IS or the Canon 70-200 F/4 L lens Rob Morales Wed Apr 02 12:00:49 2008

****Plus - since your shooting softball, which I am guessing would be during 
somwhat brightly lit days, the IS would be unnecessary. The IS will only help 
camera shake at slow shutter speeds, which you wont have on somewhat brightly 
lit days. IS will not help capturing fast action.*****

Hey Philip - a friend of mine just purchased the 70-200 F/4 L lens (along with 
his 40D) and I borrowed it for about a week. It is ridiculously sharp, solidly 
constructed and is completely internal (meaning the lens barrel does not extend 
or move when focusing or changing range). 
I am not a fan of IS, and have never based a lens decision on that since I dont 
find many uses for it (i have extremely steady hands). When it comes down to 
it, I would go with the L series lens over a non-L, even if I am sacrificing 

-Rob in NYC

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70-200 F/4 L lens

After considerable research I have come up with these two lenses for my 
next purchase. Any of you have any first-hand experience with one or 
the other?



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