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Re: [CanonDigital SLRs] Prefix file name changeable? Chuck Norcutt Fri Dec 14 06:02:57 2007

Try Downloader Pro for $29 from Breeze Systems.  This will do everything 
you want plus 10 times more that you never even thought of yet. 

Chuck Norcutt

wforacer.rm wrote:
> Is there a way to change the cameras default picture file name "IMG_"
> prefix on any of my Canon (30D, SD1000, and SD10) cameras? (Firmware
> hack or ?)
> This causes problems when duplicate file names are created from
> different cameras. I use ACDSee 7 and I could rename the files each
> time I upload them to the computer, but this is a hassle and my wife
> won't do it. With ACDSee, I just put the memory card into the computer
> card reader and automatically copies all pictures to a new folder with
> today's date, then (an option) erases the card, very simple and quick.
> It would be perfect to have the 30D camera prefix be "30D_" and the
> SD1000 camera prefix "SD1_".
> Thanks Guys
> Nick