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Re: [CanonDigital SLRs] Dust in my sensor or lens? dhbailey52 Mon Aug 18 04:04:20 2008

Wajid Qureshi wrote:
> Hi CHuck
> I used the brush technique, and that has removed the vaste majority of 
> the dust particles. The particles which used to appear during 1:1 macro 
> shots when using my Canon 60mm macro have completely disappeared.
> However, when checking under aperture 22, under aperture priority, and 
> pointed at a white door, defocused so there is no image, there are some 
> 5-10 dust particles, which are only visible on 100% crop (when zooming 
> in using camera zoom button) and they are really stubborn. I have tried 
> brushing them and using rocket blower too, but unfortunately no sucesss. 
> They don't interfere with 1:1 macro shots, but I suspect they may do so 
> for some landscapes pictures.
> Question is do I use wet cleaning method to eradicate them, or let them 
> stay on the sensor. I am inclined to give it the wet cleaning method a 
> go, by purchasing a sesnor cleaning kit.

I've used the wet-cleaning method ever since I got the 
camera and found that changing lenses introduces all sorts 
of possibilities of dust on the sensor.

I've cleaned mine maybe 4 or 5 times in the 4 years I've had 
my 20D and it's really no big deal.

Make sure you've got a fully charged battery, though, 
because if you don't and the battery runs out of power while 
you're in the middle of the process, the shutter will snap 
closed and the mirror will snap down and you will likely 
damage the camera.

To finish the process you turn the camera off, which shuts 
the shutter and lets the mirror snap into place.

David H. Bailey