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[Canon_40D] Re: Studio questions Lynne Sat Jan 30 05:00:07 2010

Thanks everyone, your answers tell me I am on track. I do plan on using natural 
light when I can. Fingers crossed as I go before the board on Monday to see if 
they approve my lease ( it is asmall business incubator)after that its time to 
break out the CC and order some lights. more backdrops and jump in with both 
feet. First few months will be learning time for me. Luckly the rent is so 
cheap I dont have to worry about making money for some time.

--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], "Lynne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am  in the process of planning a studio. For those of you that have studio 
> experience what color do you recommend for walls and ceiling? I am assuming 
> white but not sure if a netural gray for walls and black for ceiling would be 
> better. Also how would you handle lots of natural light? the space is all 
> glass across the front ( south facing) My thoughts are I will need to "wall 
> off" the photo area to better control the light, or is there a way I can use 
> the natural light to my advantage? Suggestions welcome.