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Re: [DVD_Recorders] How good is this Machine? Beaumont Thu Apr 03 00:07:43 2008

I have a DMR ES10 Diga
You definitely need the remote for it to use it for anything other than 
The remote is Part number EUR7720KM0 which you can buy online at several 
places (google it) or you may find one on Ebay I suppose

The operating instructions can be downloaded from Panasonics website in 
the customer support / download section

The reviews when this model came out were very good - which was why I 
bought it, I've not used it for TV recording though, only for copying 
VHS to DVD which it does a good job of.


sqig311 wrote:
> Helo this is Christopher Scott Lange here my brother got a DVD 
> recorder that some people were going to give to good will the only 
> problem is that this is a bare unit no remote control and no AV 
> cables I have question actually two what are my chances of getting 
> this machine going and because this machine doesn't have a remote 
> control lets say I record something on this machine would I be able 
> to format the disc on another machine and also does any one know what 
> type of Discs work best with this machine also how good of a machine 
> is this one the specifics of the machine are as follows:
> Panasonic DVD Recorder
> DM R-E-S10 Diga
> DVD Audio Progressive Scan
> Ram Compatible
> VCR Plus+Plus Code
> Optical Digital(PCM/Bitstream)
> 2003 Digital Theather Systems,Inc
> Sincerely
> Christopher Scott Lange
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