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[DotNetDevelopment] Looking for direction to solve a UAC problem. wizardii Fri Oct 07 07:03:57 2011

I have developed a console app in vb.net that resets a user account
password on a domain based on an encrypted new password that rotates
on a schedule.    The tool has worked for more then 5 years distruting
and update logins from a master list across multiple windows

Enter windows sever 2008 and the UAC.    My tool works fine if run the
app by rigth clicking on the tool and selecting run as
administrator.   The tool also works if i turn off the UAC on the
server.    My current tool updates the passwords using the netdom
command and i thought that was the problem.   So I just spend a few
days learning the system.directoryservices namespace and thought
redesigning my tool as an managed .net app would resolve my
problem.    The result was the same problem it updates correctly only
when the UAC is off or I right client the application and "run as
administrator"  to get the full access token from the UAC.

Now my question is,  I'm looking for ideas for how to reset a user
password from .net that will work with out hitting the UAC

Any thoughts?

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