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[E30Group] My 'vert saw the hook today Ron Thu Jan 27 06:00:39 2011

I am sorry to report that my daily driver '90 325ic left me in the sleet and 
snow this morning.  After a year of ownership, and lots of reading forums, etc, 
I was struck with a issue I never heard of: ignition lock cylinder failure.

Now that I have experienced it I found several posts about it.  I have the part 
coming from BavAuto, they had one in stock.  Anyway the symptom was put in the 
key, turn it on and it only goes to the accessory position, so you get radio 
but no windows or engine.  On this model accessory position unlocks the wheel.  
Played with it for a few minutes, pounded on the wheel, said the majic words, 
no pleasure.  Went into my favorite coffee shop, drank a latte, asked the 
others in the coffee shop how to fix it (found out one of the frequent drinkers 
had a E36 rag top and now has something newer) but as you might guess, no 
answer there.  My mechanic recommended a good towing company, and home it came. 
 Guy backed it into the garage, real skill.

Anyway, I read forums and YOUTUBEd the issue, got the cylinder out and ordered 
a new one.

I suggest you drivers of older Bimmers do the same and get a 1.5mm allen wrench 
and wrap it up in a description of how to pull the cylinder and keep that puppy 
in your glove box.  With the cylinder out you can start and drive the car with 
a screwdriver.  This would have been bad if the windows were open.