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Re: [E30Group] M20b25 block, rotating assembly John Adams Sat Feb 05 19:00:20 2011

I recently removed my engine to replace the head gasket.  I took my time, and 
the car started the first time.  I hope you are as lucky.


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Howdy, gruppe: A brief follow up:

I have located a M20b25 short block and will pick it up ASAP. It has about 130k 
miles, was running fine when pulled for a twin-cam swap, and has been in 
climate-controlled storage for about a year.

I plan to refresh the "new" engine with a new oil pump and various seals and 
gaskets, water pump and belts, topping it off with my rebuilt cylinder head.

With the help of my experienced mechanic/buddy, we will inspect the bearings 
etc to make sure everything is still in tolerance before we button her up and 
pop her in the car.

Then we cross fingers, pray to whatever deities, and turn the key ... :-)

I have a Bentley manual and some experienced e30 buddies, but this is my first 
time to pull and replace the engine.

So ... is there a better resource than Bentley that I should buy, and are there 
any admonitions, anything unforeseen to be prepared for, or all-around advice 
for a first-timer?

Meanwhile, once my car's original engine is out and my car is back on the road, 
I plan to take my time on a leisurely full rebuild.

Anyway, thanks to all for your input on this somewhat intimidating project!