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RE: [E30Group] Oil level sensor? Scott Edwards Sat Oct 29 05:05:14 2011

Let them soak in oil for a day or so before you test... I know on mine when
the oil is low and the light comes on, it takes a while for the sensor to
readjust after I top up..... maybe a little binding from old oil and crud
deposits. I've the normal oil filter housing leak issue.... have the kit,
just need to do the work.
As for the continuity test, I've not needed to do one ever, so can't help
verify your concern there.
Cheers, Scott 
89 325ic auto (unfortunately.... one day will convert it to a standard)

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Subject: [E30Group] Oil level sensor?


Car is a '90 325i. Oil level sensor appears to have failed. The oil warning
light is on and "check engine" light flashes. Pressure is OK.

Level is correct, but sensor has continuity between pins # 1&2. Pins 2&3 are
open (no continuity). This is exactly the opposite of what Bentley

I have two spare sensors that give the same indications when I bench test
them. They do not change states when I immerse them in oil. So do I have
three failed sensors, or am I doing something wrong? I hate to spend $150
for a new one and find I am testing them wrong.

Are these a high failure item? Can they be cleaned/repaired?

Thanks in advance, Rick