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Re: [E30Group] Is Mark D'sylva still on here? Allister Brown Thu Feb 02 15:02:11 2012

thanks, i must already have the auto one. Just wondering if there was a difference....tx again!
On 21-Jan-12, at 3:41 PM, Gary Derian wrote:

Mark has two automatic chips for the 325i, a 91 and a 93 octane version.

Gary Derian

OK, I have one....I amh appy with my EAT chip. Is there a way to specifically program a chip for an automatic trans> I seldom get me car above 4K RPM?


On 20-Jan-12, at 3:05 PM, Gary Derian wrote:

I may be able to answer questions.

Gary Derian

From: Allister Brown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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On 20-Jan-12, at 2:49 PM, Jordan wrote:

I got a few questions for him, about his EAT chips.