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[E30Group] Re: M42 Cam Timing ??? stockextra Fri Feb 03 02:05:55 2012

Not sure what the first part has to do with the price of spuds in idaho ... all 
due respect.

The weight balance difference I refer to is not based on what is in the trunk, 
rather on what's in the engine bay.

BTW, why are you asking me leading questions you clearly know the answer to 

Sorry, this just seems really left field to me.

I appreciate all your assistance and input, Gary, but um, I'm reading this like 
you have some sort of bone to pick over my innocuous comment about the cars' 
different turn-in characteristics.

Sorry, it's just something I noticed when I drove it.


--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Gary Derian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Huh?  How can one have great weight balance, and no weight in the trunk at
> the same time?  Weight balance helps both summer and winter driving.  Its
> all about the tires.
> BTW, what is the difference in weight balance between a 325i and a 318i?
> Gary [likes fuel economy but doesn't like slow cars] Derian