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Re: [E30Group] Re: Coolant mixture Allister Brown Mon Feb 13 20:00:19 2012

thermostat not openin?, i think all the hoses should be hot once it opens, a new heater core does wonders! .You can hear the switch mentioned with your head down in the location, turning the heat blend knob on and off produces a small click. It is an on off switch valve... just over half on the guage sounds a bit hot but thats perhaps a non issue at this point. i guess at this point you could even have the hoses backwards?? my free 2 cents)

On 13-Feb-12, at 8:30 PM, Ed MacVaugh wrote:

Have you checked the electric heater control valve to the left of the
trans tunnel above the gas pedal on a left hand drive car?

Ed>>> - I have no heat. I felt that if I bled the engine half way
> decently, I shoul have some semblance of heat. nada. I blew air into the > upper heater core pipe, and water spat out the bottom pipe, but now my
> concern is the core itself is plugged (where the fins are) and the
> water/air is simply spitting back out from behind the plastic area on
> the end of the core. In other words, water and air are NOT traveling
> through the heater core itself ?
> I get a "bubbling" noise when I shut off the car well after reaching
> operating temperature - the gauge is just above halfway. The hose from
> the pump to the thermostat actually vibrates a bit. I have used the
> bleeder screw and jacked up the front of the car. the upper radiator
> hose is hot and the lower one is not. The upper hose for the heater is > that weird three-way one and it seems OK, but not very hot (should it?)
> and the lower one to the head is similar. I do not have the recall
> notice by-pass thermostat on this car.
> Ideas other than the system is still not properly bled?
> Thanks all!
> Ross