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[E30Group] 1990 Saloon indicator switch, steering wheel removal hillmanie Mon Feb 20 06:00:48 2012

Hi all
Faced with the prospect  of yet again tearing down the under-dash covers on my 
1990 E30 to replace the flasher/indicztor switch, I first have to remove the 
steering wheel.  Last time it wasn't a problem as that E30 was an '89 model 
with the twin horn pushes set in the spokes of the steering whrel and the 
centre boss  being soid.  No bother to prise out the BMW motif disc to get 
access to the nut. Wheel came off without a puller too.  My '90 is a different 
wheel with the horn push in the centre, also with a BMW badge. The badge looks 
like a different kettle of fish , thinner and harder to get a blade under 
without damage etc and I'm wondering if anyone has removed  this type of wheel 
and if you could advise me before I plunge in.  Many thanks