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Re: [E30Group] 1990 Saloon indicator switch, steering wheel removal Ed MacVaugh Mon Feb 20 06:01:06 2012

I expect you have an airbag where the entire airbag rocks to actuate the 

Two torx screws hold that assembly on from the rear.

You'll want the battery disconnected a hour before you try this, if 
indeed you have an airbag.

E30 airbags in the US don't have anything in the center but a black 
embossed roundel in the plastic cover, so perhaps yours is different?

Feel free to send a picture to me, we can certainly get that wheel off.


On 2/20/2012 8:26 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Hi all
> Faced with the prospect  of yet again tearing down the under-dash covers on 
> my 1990 E30 to replace the flasher/indicztor switch, I first have to remove 
> the steering wheel.  Last time it wasn't a problem as that E30 was an '89 
> model with the twin horn pushes set in the spokes of the steering whrel and 
> the centre boss  being soid.  No bother to prise out the BMW motif disc to 
> get access to the nut. Wheel came off without a puller too.  My '90 is a 
> different wheel with the horn push in the centre, also with a BMW badge. The 
> badge looks like a different kettle of fish , thinner and harder to get a 
> blade under without damage etc and I'm wondering if anyone has removed  this 
> type of wheel and if you could advise me before I plunge in.  Many thanks
> TT
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