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Re: [E30Group] Will the profile gasket cause overheating? Mike Ogren Wed Apr 04 21:00:13 2012

They warp over the 008 value pretty fast. . 
 Swap head gasket, radiator, water pump,all good for another 200K. 
 Chain slides, valve seals,  oil pump/ oil pan,\   Throw a way the billls and 
drive it another 3 yrs.  
Nice cars but need some love. 
 The big issue now is the steel tanks and ethanol filling the fuel filter.  
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  From: Joe 
  Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 10:58 PM
  Subject: [E30Group] Will the profile gasket cause overheating?


  Seems like a plethora of 318i's in the DFW area are overheating and needing 
head gaskets.  I'm wondering if most of these overheating cars is the profile 
gasket or whatever that rubber gasket is under the head.

  I would think a short head like that isn't going to warp easily.


  Joe B.