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[Gmail-Users] Offline Gmail Problems Continue DEP/Dodo Sun Feb 12 18:00:40 2012

Hello, Group:

In hopes of gaining new info anyone has, I wanted to share this update
regarding two problems I was having months ago with offline Gmail.  In two
words, *no changes*.  First, messages sent while offline properly do get
housed in the Outbox.  However, some still never get delivered to the
recipient(s), nor are they found in Sent, Draft, or Trash folders when I'm
online again.  For a while, I was saving a duplicate of each message, for
insurance, before I sent it.  But then it seemed all messages were properly
being delivered, so I stopped saving the duplicates.  Besides, that is a
nuisance and should not be necessary.  Second, I am unable to open
*any*attachments while offline, even though my messages supposedly
have been
synced and are "up to date."

I have reported this to Google in a variety of ways.  Your thoughts, ideas?

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