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Re: [Gmail-Users] Quick Links Andy Mon Feb 13 08:01:11 2012

> Recently though, the quick link is taking me to the TOP folder, if I click
> on Kathy to go to Kathy's folder, it takes me the to Family folder instead.
>  How may I correct this?

I don't know ... but off the top of my head I could think of two possibilities.

Maybe the code for Gmail in your browser's cache got corrupted.  Try
clearing its cache and cookies.  It has been known to fix quite a
number of odd problems.

Or maybe Gmail changed something about the URL to get to that nested
label/folder, so that the previous URL doesn't bring you there anymore
and the top-level label was the only one it could get to.  You might
need to save another Quick Link to the "Kathy" label.

These are only guesses.

The Quick Links feature is only a Lab, which means it is subject to
changes, bugs, etc.  You might have hit one of them.


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