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Re: [Gmail-Users] Gmail sends off messages before they are completed Andy Tue Feb 14 08:00:43 2012

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 22:53, RebootAgain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Having made this mistake myself before the Undo Send feature became
> available (which is excellent), I used to avoid this mistake by leaving the
> To: field blank until I was ready to actually send the message.

That is an excellent suggestion!

I do something similar, but with the same effect.  I often send emails
to multiple recipients (two to five), and I like to fill them in at
the start, before I forget.  Then I add one more recipient within the
To: field, something like "qqqqqqqqqqq", which I am certain I don't
have in my Contacts list.  Then, if I should accidentally hit the Send
button (or do anything else that causes it to send), Gmail will
complain about that address and refuse to send it until I fix it.
This works even if my computer crashes or goes haywire and I am unable
to use Undo Send.

I did see my computer lock up on me once and send an email I was
composing to hundreds of unintended recipients, and I couldn't stop
it.  I had to do a lot of explaining.  This happened years ago, using
Microsoft Outlook at work.

"Undo Send" does have one big disadvantage I don't like.  If you
change the view in any way, you lose the ability to Undo, even though
your grace period hasn't timed out yet.


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