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Re: [Gmail-Users] Disappearing Sent mail, disappearing attachments Andy Fri Apr 06 21:00:25 2012

> Is there a way I can check the Sent folder directly from Gmail's web server
> itself?

Click on the "Sent Mail" link in the upper left column.

Sometimes it can be hard to locate your own emails in the "Sent Mail"
area, because they will appear along with the rest of the
conversations they are a part of.  But they normally should be there.

> Do you have any thoughts about the apparent stripping of attachments
> (and evidences of attachments) from Sent mails?

I don't.  Sorry.

I know there appear to be a number of ways to do "attachments" in
emails, and not all of them appear to an email program as an actual
attached file or picture.  Sometimes they simply appear within the
body of a message, and Gmail might not show the paper clip icon to
show that the message has an attachment.


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